On northwest Corfu lies for many centuries the small and picturesque village of Afionas. 33 kilometers is the distance from the city of Corfu. It is found in the nape of small peninsula that separates Saint Georges Bay and Arillas Bay. An all around green peninsula that gives you a sense of freedom while someone walks around the village because of the open seas that lays in front you, enjoying at the same time the splendid view on both sides. Looking on the N.W.we can admire the Diapontia islands (Mathraki, Othonoi, Ereikousa) as well as a lot of other rocky islands and smaller uninhabited islets that hide a small dose of mythology and perhaps history.

A lot is said and written for the origin of this small community sometimes encompassing in this moments of glamour. It is sure that word famous people during the past were occupied and dedicated hours in this.

As we know for a lot of years the name of the village is Afionas. There are many versions for the origin of the name and looking at recordings of 16th century we discover that the most likely theory is that it belonged in the wider region of Kavadades called upper arillas (Arilas took its name from the trees named Arias - Querqus which exist up to today in the region). This can be concluded from notarial documents of the period 1503-1577 when we do not find community with the name Afionas in the wider region but only Kavadades which includes regions Upper and Lower Arilla. From this point and further, all elements converge that the period of first resident appearance in the village is round 1636 a.c. as it is proved from the year of manufacture from the church of the village Ag.Ioannis.

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