Olympia & Olympia Mare Restaurant

Weather permitting, we have a seat at one of the outside tables. Having the marina in front of us and the blue sky as a background we get ready for a delightful tour. The particularly abundant menu of the Olympia Mare is a gastronomic treasure by itself, including almost the whole mediterranean vocabulary of flavors. The cuisine is basically traditional Greek with notes from the gastronomic gamut of Italy and France . So, we can start traditionally and have a dakos dressed with a blood-red and fresh cut tomato or move in an Italian way and vote for a Prosciutto di Parma with melon. The Seafood Menu is remarkable. The steaming plates release the fragrant smell of basil and the soft taste of garlic plays at the roof of our mouth. The lobster spaghetti and the seafood risotto scented with dill and with the Ionian freshness, are a safe choice. The Chef’s gastronomic suggestions give and go daily, since its only the absolutely fresh ingredients arriving at your plate. The meat menu is also very attractive for those who don’t want to miss the classic choices on their table. Try their corfiot version, such a sofrito with veal. This is a “registered trade mark” dish of the local gastronomic tradition. It is noteworthy that the place has a separated coffee room and a roof garden. The relaxing music and the cool drinks with the panoramic marina view are the ideal epilogue after a generous meal. Our visit at Olympia Mare’s little brother, the Olympia Restaurant at Kanalia area, was also delightful. Its password is the quality food and the good mood and therefore the Olympia Restaurant is one of the most popular destinations of flavour for local people and visitors of the island. We have been welcomed in an intimate environment where the stones and the wood dominate, and the good mood of the live orchestra introduced us at the corfiot easy life. Despite the capaciousness and the elegant atmosphere of the inner drawing room, we preferred the cool garden with the wonderful platans. We ordered a lordly smoked steak and then clinked glasses in the name of the cook. It is notable that the restaurant can easily accommodate social and professional events.

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