Agios Georgios

Strolling downhill from the so called Chelidoni area, one is almost choked by the beauty of Agios George Bay. Nature did not spare it with this breathtaking benevolence. The glazing blue sea waters appeal you to take a dive. It is a sweet temptation difficult to resist. And if time allows it you can enjoy the almost imperceptible descent of the sun as the shadows grow longer. Jealousy drives it to cool off too and by so doing it dyes the horizon with indescribable colours. Either the small ship or the pathway from Afiona takes us to the “Porto”. A feeling similar to Odysseus arouses within this small port. Out of nowhere there appears a small church with Saint Stylianos icon awaiting for a tribute The very famous sandy beach with the crystal waters is at St George. The waters flows into the “Megalo Potami” which meets with the torrenting waters from Paghi (Pagoi), Arkadades, and Vistona. There is a myth that in this river Odysseus landed and was met by King Alkinoos Nafsika from his adjoining Palace. At the palace according to Omiros there was a golden sow’s effigy with 12 piglets which symbolises prosperity and wealth. Agios Georgios (Aghios Georgios) area places and names Place - names: Plistiri, Kampos, Agores, Mesionas, Saili, klismata, Kapasas, Sabatiko, Fraksi, Mavros kabos, M. Potami, Rafali, Kathalarena, Avli At Rafali and Saili at the land of Anast. Pagiatakis coins have been found. At Plistiri ceramics and earthenware. At Ortholitho near Paghi, ceramics and various slates. Five hundred metres away from olive groves, big marbles and pieces of vases shows that the area was inhabited. Indicated in the place name “Agores”, and the “Agoria” also at Episkepsi – Omali, it is shown that purchases and trade fairs used to take place.

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