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Thursday, July 13, 2017 Nimfes Detached house For Sale North Corfu
For Sale
ID: RR2270
€ 182,000

Great opportunity to buy a large, 280sqm property with amazing views only with 650€/sqm.

The house is situated in a picturesque neighborhood of the village Nimfes, approx 6km away from the closest beach and facilities. It has a lovely garden and big balconies that offer great view.

This property consists of two tangent, 2 storey houses.The first house is habitable.
The ground floor consists of an open space kitchen / living room with a fireplace, a bedroom, a wc and has direct access to the balcony and the garden with their great views.
The first floor has three bedrooms plus an auxiliary room and a bathroom.The second house is made of stone and needs renovation. The ground floor consists of 2 rooms and the first floor of three.
It has its own access and two warehouses.

Nimfes is one of the most beautiful, traditional and organised villages of Corfu. You can find bakery, mini market, traditional tavernas and cafes. The village is well known for its stunning waterfalls which are situated in the lush greenery of the nature, only (approx) 1,5km away.

Agent: Roula TziliouTel: +30 26610 23032 / +30 26610 86025
Mob: +30 6974276916 Cosmote e mail: [email protected]
Details >> Investment opportunity Subject to contract Exclusive Offer Sea View
Monday, May 20, 2019 Nimfes Detached House For Sale North Corfu
For Sale
ID: RR3230
€ 99,000

For sale a traditional detached house of 78sq.m, in a plot of 195,89sq.m at the village of Nymfes, in the north of Corfu, with beautiful views to the surrounding olive groves.

This property is in excellent condition and consists of an open plan living/kitchen and dining area, two bedrooms of which one has a fitted wardrobe, one bathroom with a shower and a small WC.It has high ceilings, storage area, a stove, double glazed windows, mosquito nets and shutters.The outdoor space has a BBQ, a private parking area and a lovely yard to enjoy moments of relaxation and happiness.The plot is walled and has views to the surrounding nature.

The closest beaches are in Acharavi, in Roda and Astrakeri at (approx) 7km away.At the village of Nymfes there are shops, taverns and the natural springs which supply the whole village, as well as the impressive waterfalls.

It’s the perfect choice for someone who loves being close to nature but also to a very close distance (approx 3 minutes by walking) to the amenities of a village.

It is in (approx) 33km away from the centre of town and the airport of Corfu.

Agent: Andy Marshall
Tel: +30 26610 23032 / +30 26610 86025
Mob: +30 6977565745 Cosmote / +30 6939169498 Wind
e mail: [email protected]
Details >> Investment opportunity Subject to contract Exclusive Offer Sea View
Friday, April 13, 2018 Nimfes Plot For Sale North Corfu
For Sale
ID: RR1891
€ 69,000

This plot of 450sqm is within town planning in the beautiful, traditional village of Nymfes. Nymfes is approx 3km from the resort of Roda and Acharavi with their many bars, shops, tavernas, restaurants, supermarkets. Acharavi is open all year round. The plot is situated in the centre of the village with access by two roads. Electric, water and telephone connections are very close thus making it an easy built.

Nymfes is self contained village with its own supermarket, stores and a choice of tavernas/cafe bars. It is famous for its waterfalls and fresh spring water is channelled through pipes so it can be collected as drinking water. People travel from all over the North to refill their bottles.

Corfu town and the airport are only 40km away.

Agent: Andy Marshall
Tel: +30 26610 23032 / +30 26610 86025
Mob: +30 6977565745 Cosmote / +30 6939169498 Wind
e mail: [email protected]
Details >> Investment opportunity Subject to contract Exclusive Offer Sea View
Tuesday, October 1, 2019 Nimfes Detached House For Sale North Corfu
For Sale
ID: RR2485
€ 65,000 100,000€

For sale a 125 sqm ground-floor detached house is situated in Nimfes,one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of North Corfu. Set on a 400 sq.m. plot,It consists of four bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, veranda and a 25 sq.m. lower level, which can be converted into a fully functional space.

The property needs renovation. Situated in a tranquil neighbourhood, it is only 200m away from the lovely square of the village with the traditional cafes.Nimfes is build on a 200 m. altitude and is well-known for its waterfalls and the beautiful little paths within the lush green nature that are ideal for anyone who loves hiking.

It is a unique opportunity either as a permanent residence or a holiday house.

The distance from Corfu town and the airport is approx 34 km.

Also for sale with the house, there is the following plotRR2482

It is 6.500 sqm, buildable up to 200 sqm and it is located (approx) 500 m from the property at the price of 100.000 euro for both.

Agent: Vladimir Bojev
Tel: +30 26610 23032 / +30 26610 86025
Mob: +306970342193
e mail: [email protected]
Details >> Investment opportunity Subject to contract Exclusive Offer Sea View
Thursday, July 13, 2017 Nimfes Plot For Sale North Corfu
For Sale
ID: RR2282
€ 60,000

This plot of (approx) 3.500sqm is on the outskirts of the village Nimfes in the North side of Corfu. It is sat in a quiet olive grove, 50m off the main road to the village so giving good access. Electric and water are close by and the plot is nearly flat so making building very easy.From the plot you have fantastic sea and mountain views.

The resort and beaches of Roda is only a 5 minute drive away and Acharavi is a 10minute drive.

Corfu and the airport are (approx) 38km away.

Agent: Andy Marshall
Tel: +30 26610 23032 / +30 26610 86025
Mob: +30 6977565745 Cosmote / +30 6939169498 Wind
e mail: [email protected]
Details >> Investment opportunity Subject to contract Exclusive Offer Sea View
Wednesday, April 17, 2019 Nimfes Plot For Sale North Corfu
For Sale
ID: RR2482
€ 41,000

For sale an (approx) 6.500sqm plot in the picturesque village of Nimfes in the North side of Corfu.Nestled in a lush green scenery with cypresses, pine trees, olive trees, oak trees and chestnut trees, this plot is elevated with building allowance up to 200 sq.m.

It is the ideal plot to build your dream house and enjoy the panoramic view to the Diapontia islands and the blue waters of the Ionian Sea.It is close to electricity and water supplies and is accessible by rural road.
There is ample space for many outdoor activities.It is a unique opportunity either as a residence or for investment.

Its distance from the sandy beach of Roda is approx 3 km, while Corfu town and the airport are approx 33 km away.

Together with the plot, you also have the opportunity to buy the following property, which is (approx) 500m away

This is a 105 sqm detached house, sitting on a plot of 400 sqm. It has 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a veranda and a lower level of 25 sqm.
The price for both is 100.000€

Agent: Vladimir Bojev
Tel: +30 26610 23032 / +30 26610 86025
Mob: +306970342193
e mail: [email protected]
Details >> Investment opportunity Subject to contract Exclusive Offer Sea View
Tuesday, March 26, 2019 Nimfes Detached House For Sale North Corfu
For Sale
ID: RR1908
€ 26,000 49,000€

For sale, old traditional, stone house with amazing sea view. It is situated in North Corfu at the famous village of Nymfes. The house consists of an open space living room/kitchen and one bedroom. It is 40sqm in a 800sqm plot of land. Distance from the closest beach is 2 km.

Corfu town is 35km away.

Agent: Vladimir Bojev
Τel: +30 26610 23032 / +30 26610 86025
e mail: [email protected]
Details >> Investment opportunity Subject to contract Exclusive Offer Sea View
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