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The Hotel – Katalagaris Luxury Traditional Hotel Crete Elegance in our traditional architecture; warmth from the use of stone and colours; the revitalizing breath .... from the flowers and trees; a refreshing dip in the crystal clear pool Luxury ... in simplicity. The way you achieve harmony, when contrasts are combined into one big puzzle. This in short describes Katalagari country Suites The Location & Local Area - Heralkion Crete. We believe that travelling is, above all, a cultural experience... and the best way to absorb this is to look for it in the daily life of the ordinary and humble people of the countryside. We like to stay around drive or walk, discuss, sing along, dance, taste, smell, visit, become a part of the local arts and customs, feel the warm and friendly relationships of these people. We invite you to gain such experiences with us and most of all take advantage of the unique relaxing feel that we offer you in Katalagari Country Suites in Crete.

Food & Wine
Because one of our strongest beliefs is the declaration of Hippocrates “our medicine is our food” we take care about the quality both of ours and your daily diet: They explicitly follow the standards of the Cretan cuisine, which serves as the basis for the well-renowned and well-respected Mediterranean diet. Fresh food is prepared every day so for this reason we ask that you inform us daily if you are planning to join us for lunch and/or dinner the next day. Always using fresh vegetables and fruits in season, most of them from our own production or goods supplied only from local reputable producers and dealers. Use solely Cretan extra virgin olive oil from our own production. Serving our own home-made wine, along with an extensive collection of local products. Mouthwatering desserts, using local recipes.

This unique construction offers endless opportunities for the buyer, here we list a few ideas.

Nutritional Centre
The Mediterranean Cretan cuisine is famous for the fact that their food is very nutritional and very tasty. In recent research, results of a special diet, accelerates a person, and contributes positively to achieving their objective. In creating such a centre at Katalagari, this could be easily achieved and workable. Acheivements, at the Katalagari centre could, with the help of specialists be able to supply and adjust to any change according to the needs and characteristics of each visitors diet, from our Mediterranean kitchen. To complement this, in a specially designed and staffed institute your visitor will be able to enhance their needs with services specially designed to accelerate the visitors requirements. Your customers can enjoy fuller and better services in a serene environment in the luxury and warmth that” Katalagari Country Suites” can provide.

Rehabilitation Centre
We can implement intervention on your customers part for aesthetic or other reasons that require some time recovery or monitoring phase, until the customer feels comfortable to appear back into their social or professional circle. For example, the interval from surgery to recovery, called “The rehabilitation period” could be achieved by creating in a specially designed Spa area, where you could treat your client according to your own high standard. In the Spa, you can create all the necessary services and luxuries that your clients are accustomed. Because of its geographical position and particular style, the” Katalagari Country Suites” is an ideal place to establish rehabilitation. The serene landscape of the olive trees, the luxurious accommodation and warm hospitality give the best basis for creating a calming rehabilitation center.

Expand your existing business Make “Katalagari Country Suites” an extension to your existing business. Customise “Katalagari Country Suites” to fit in with your own personal design or colour scheme of your existing company.

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