Finally you can write your own Testimonials for our services.

Linda & William Henderson

We purchased a house we saw on Facebook via Natalia. We saw it Saturday evening contacted Natalia and viewed the next day. We feel in love with the house and negotiated with the seller via Natalia and within a matter of hours it was sorted out. We had the house we feel in love with. Natalia helped us all the way through. What a wonderful cheerful lady who knows her job so well. I would recommend her to anyone who is wanting to buy or sell a property. 

With regards,
Linda & William Henderson

Viera Sutton

Dear Natalia,

We would like to thank you in this way for helping us find our Corfiot home. We couldn't have done it in such pleasant and efficient way without your dedicated and positive attitude - thanks to you we are able to embark on this new lovely family adventure!

From our experience we can say that your agency is highly professional in every aspect, providing prompt assistance in all matters related to the purchase of a property on the island. We would recommend your services to anyone wishing to find a home or establish a business in Corfu without hesitation.

Thank you, dear Natalia, once again, for your personal involvement and all the energy you put into our project - it has helped turn our dream into reality and was much appreciated!
With warm regards,
Viera and Veronika

Jenny & Phil Scotton

So, what made us visit the beautiful Island of Paxos, Greece?

In July 2017 we got married, went to a small independent Travel Agent who managed to book us the honeymoon of a lifetime! The first time we experienced Paxos, resulted in falling in love with everything it represents…… peace, serenity and making you want to go back for more.

After a lot of thinking and deciding, we looked into coming back to the Island with the sole purpose of making a dream come true! We researched the real estate options and booked a week to explore land, properties and projects. The aim was to get to see as much as possible in in a short space of time.

We had contacted different Real Estate agents and consultants….. but one stood out from the rest! We both feel Roula Rouva and her team held our hands all the way, they don’t worry about the silly questions you don’t want to ask and always have time to help with the Greek way of doing things. We didn’t know what it would be like to buy in Paxos, but have had a huge amount of support and expertise all the way. Roula Rouva Estates has the right approach to prospective buyers….. no pressure, honesty and the aim to help you understand the daunting villa/ property hunting process.

Our Villa Petaloúda (butterfly) represents so much for both of us and we are more than happy to recommend Roula Rouva Real Estate and her team to anyone wanting to take the first steps in making a change, in their life. A special thank you to Ioanna Aroni….. we won’t forget the bumpy car rides around the island to see all the properties…. navigating up the narrow roads/tracks and continuously smiling at the boundless enthusiasm she always has…. her endless genuine kindness, professionalism and determination to make sure you feel ok, she’s made a huge difference to our journey, to be homeowners on Paxos.

Pick up the phone or go online…… you won’t be disappointed!

Perry Blackburn & Samantha Reece

We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Roula Tzilliou and her team.

Roula had our confidence from the moment we first met her. Her integrity and warmth were a breath of fresh air! She was so professional throughout keeping us informed at every stage with our purchase.

She has been very generous with her time, communicating at often inconvenient time's like evening's and Sunday's answering our questions and offering advice on our future purchase and continues to support us even after the settlement.

We're so grateful to Roula for making the process of buying our dream home in Corfu so simple and stress free!

Thank you again Roula.
Perry & Samantha

Louisa and Arthur Galett

We found Roula Rouva Real Estate on the web by coincidence.

When we started to email about some houses we were interested in, we got very fast and precise responses. Later, when we arrived on Paxos, we met Ioanna Aroni, who was always on time, with a smile on her face. We liked her positive state of mind, her responsiveness and her professionalism. As a native she knows every corner on the island, and seems to know everybody. So we were very happy having her as our agent.

The process of the negotiations was accompanied by her and the lawyer she recommended to us, in a smooth and a gentle way. So we highly recommend Ioanna Aroni and the Agency Roula Rouva Real Estate.

Louisa and Arthur Galett from Switzerland

Hugh and Daniela Pettifer

Dear Roula Tziliou

Both Daniela and myself are very grateful for your help and professionalism during our purchase of our villa in Vigla (Which we have now named Bayview) you have gone far beyond your customer care which is expected and continue to help us, we hope to move to Your beautiful island of Corfu in 2020 and would always recommend you and your company to anyone who is considering a life in Corfu. We hope we can catch up with you when we visit this Easter.

Kind regards
Hugh and Daniela

Dr Richard and Vanessa Owen

You can only imagine how scary it must be to buy a house on a Greek Island when you live in New Zealand. The only way for this to be stress free and easy is to work with someone that you trust in every way to look after you.

That person in the Ionian Islands of Corfu and Paxos is Ioanna Aroni from Roula Rouva Real Estate Agency.

Ioanna is honest and trustworthy but also knowledgeable fun to work with. I know that she will be around our table with friends and food under the Olive trees in our new home for years to come.

Thank you Ioanna.
Dr Richard and Vanessa Owen
Bay of Islands
New Zealand

Linda and Keith Brewer

Our experience of working with Roula Rouva has been entirely positive and rewarding. We contacted Natalia from the agency and were given excellent customer service from day one. Natalia explained the process for buying abroad and narrowed the number of properties to view down so we were able to fly to Corfu and visit each of them. We were at all times looked after and nothing was too much trouble. When we decided on a property we were then given complete back up to find a solicitor and notary who dealt with the purchase and legal matters and we gave power of attorney so that we did not have to deal with a lot of the paperwork ourselves.

Once the purchase was complete we were then put in touch with a Building Company without any obligation and again supported throughout the process of obtaining quotes and selecting tiles fittings etc as well as deciding on other design features. At all times we felt that we were in the hands of professionals and had complete confidence in the process despite our lack of Greek vocabulary. I would fully recommend Roula Rouva to anyone considering buying a property on this beautiful Island.

Thank you Natalia
Linda and Keith Brewer

Joanna Fraser

Hello, I wanted to send my thoughts on the purchase of my house.

Firstly finding Vasso Zara whilst still in England, was the luckiest day for me. Vasso was always there listening to me. She treated me like royalty throughout the viewings and final purchase, going above and beyond, to show me this beautiful island and future home.

Without fail Vasso has been available, even many months after I bought my place, to help with builders, supplies and saving my stressed child during a panic attack on his solo visit. You have an amazing lady in your company. The Estate agency made every moment of looking, buying and setting up of my property easy. They were all friendly, helpful and hard working individuals.

I am looking forward to finally moving over to Corfu and enjoying the hard work we all put in on my beautiful house in Afra.

Kindest Regards
Joanna Fraser

Jenny and Derek Dobbs

Over the course of the last fifty-odd years we have had to use many different Real Estate Agentsbut only two have stood out as exceptional – one in Dorchester, U.K. and Roula Rouva as represented by their Paxos Office and the very talented Ioanna Aroni.

From the very moment we had taken on Roula Rouva to sell our apartment in Paxos, Ioanna was there for us. Nothing was too much trouble for this exceptionally capable lady.

Ioanna effortlessly handled all the requirements of the viewings (sometimes under rather adverse conditions), and when actual buyers appeared,she handled all the complex business of tax requirements, accountants, Notaries, engineers (surveyors), powers of attorney etc. for both us and for the purchasers. Nothing fazed her. The whole operation was really dynamic and painless. With true professionalism, the fact that she was also handling several other sales at the same time did not intrude at all.

A more energetic, enthusiastic, discrete and cheerful person would be hard to find. Nothing was too much trouble, nothing was impossible. Communication was excellent at all times. It was a real pleasure to do business with Roula Rouva and Ioanna - and as a bonus, we have gained a real and genuine friend.

Jenny and Derek Dobbs
October 2018

Olga and Andreas Leader

So our old dream came true! This year we became the lucky owners of a small piece of land on the shores of the Ionian Sea on the island of Corfu! From the plot an unforgettable landscape of azure sea, framed by two capes, covered with greenery and olive trees, opens. Near the horizon, as if propping up the region, the Alban Mountains rise, from which every morning the rising sun bursts out, giving us its warmth and light.

Seven years ago, we first visited Corfu and since then have not thought about spending your vacation anywhere else. And every our holiday in Corfu was accompanied by a search for a plot on which we could say - we are at home. But everything somehow did not develop until our friends advised us to contact the real estate agency Roula Rouva Real Estate.

Here we met Natalia Tsiro Rouva, who was very enthusiastic about looking for a plot according to our ideas. In a short time such a site was found and nothing else we have not considered. Natalia with great professionalism accompanied our deal to the finish, taking into account every nuance, answering every our question, dispelling any doubts.

Thank you to all the staff of the agency Roula Rouva Real Estate, who took part in our deal. Well, of course, special thanks to Natalia.

With pleasure we will recommend you further!

Yours faithfully
Olga and Andreas Leader

Andy & Rachel Draper

We have recently bought a property in Kalami Corfu and I would just like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all at Roula Rouva, especially Anna Moraiti. We couldn’t have asked for a more professional, honest and friendly service. All of our questions were answered quickly, no matter what day or time they were sent. Even though the house has all gone through we know that if we have any questions we can still call on our friend Anna and Roula Rouva to help us. Corfu is a beautiful island, but we have found out that the most beautiful part of it is the people.

Thank you for all your help
Andy & Rachel

Zoe Colleman

Dearest Roula Tziliou

Thank you for helping me with so many barriers to overcome to finally fulfil my dream, of having a home on your beautiful island. You are a wonderful example of what I love about Corfu and the lovely people that represent Corfu. I hope to meet up again soon and definitely when the house is completed.

Thank you again for all your wonderful support, efficiency and expertise in everything. Also for your team and the organised professionalism you all demonstrate.

Wishing you all the best


We wanted to buy real estate in Corfu for several years, but we could not find a trustworthy agent that would made us feel safe.

Then we met Natalia. She is an expert in her field, she knows the market and the details of doing business. Natalia very quickly joined the work and found the right options, accompanied us all the way from the precontract to the final contract.

Throughout the process we felt comfortable and safe, because at any time we could contact her and we were immediately given an answer or a solution to any problem.

We want to thank her sincerely for the great work she has done for us. We advise everyone to cooperate with Natalia and Roula Rouva Real Estate Agency.

Thank you Natalia! 
Leila & Timofey

Tim & Melanie Heath

We contacted Andy in December 2016 advising that we had booked 4 days in February 2017 to fly over to Corfu out of season to look at properties. Andy had already booked his holiday in January 2017, but was able, with just a week back at his desk, to pull together an itinerary of 14 viewings over the Saturday and Monday of our long weekend stay.

This gave us a great insight into the types of properties available in North Corfu where we had wanted to concentrate our search, his knowledge of the area was great and he is obviously well known to the local Corfiot and ex pat population as we were continuously ‘beeped’ and waved to by passing cars and people as we travelled around.

Andy did all of the driving which was really helpful as once off the main beach road it would be easy to become lost and the local code of driving is a little different to the UK!

Our visit was really informative and Andy was able to explain details around expected costs for agents and solicitors fees and local taxes when purchasing a property.

Within 3 days of returning we decided that there were two properties that we were very keen on and Andy facilitated the contact and negotiations, 5 weeks later we were the proud owners of a beautiful 3 bedroom house in Agios Martinos.

Andy introduced us to a really great and helpful lawyer Georgia Koutsouri who is based in Corfu town and was very professional. We have an advantage over some Brits who are looking to buy a house abroad in that we had lived and worked on mainland Greece for 8 years during the 90’s and so have a reasonable understanding of the language, culture and how ‘things work’ in Greece and I can only say that the support we had through the process was very professional and helpful – not easy buying a property when you are 2,000 miles away in the UK and you need the right people you can trust representing you.

Andy has also been very helpful since, in that we wanted to build a pool and he introduced us to Panagitis Bolovinos, a Civil Engineer and Spiros Koursaris a local builder, both of whom have been really helpful in obtaining the correct legal paperwork and permissions and worked started on the pool construction this May and should be completed by July.

Tim & Melanie Heath, March 2018

Anita & Ryszard Ronsky

Wielkie podziękowania dla Natalia Tsiro Rouva za pomoc w spełnieniu naszych marzeń o małym domku na Corfu.Wielki profesionalizm i zaangażowanie Natalii sprawiły ze cały proces zakupu od wyboru nieruchomości aż do podpisania aktu notarialnego nie był łamaniem gór lodowych lodołamaczem lecz wielką bezstresową przyjemnoscią!! Choć nasz budżet był trudny a wymagania specyficzne to dzięki Natalii udało nam znalezć swój wymarzony domek z małym sadem oliwek i cytryn i pięknym widokiem na morze Jońskie.Nie znając języka greckiego, mieszkając i pracując na codzień w UK udało się nam z wielką pomocą Natalii wynegocjować dobrą cenę zakupu, otworzyć konto w greckim banku,znalezć profesjonalnego wykonawcę prac remontowych etc.

Wybierając agencję Roula Rouva Real Estate wiedzieliśmy że jest to dobra i pewna agencja ponieważ zdobyła wiele nagród na najlepsze agencje nieruchomości.Teraz jesteśmy przekonani, że zdobędą jeszcze wiele nagród bo pracują w niej tak profesjonalni agenci jak Natalia Tsiro Rouva.Specjalne podziękowania składamy również na ręce naszej pani prawnik Georgia Koutsouri i wykonawcy prac remontowych pana Spiros Koursaris!

Corfu jest jedną z najpiękniejszych wysp greckich,ale to nie piękne plaże,wspaniała roślinnosć,niezapomniane widoki, grecka muzyka,sródziemnomorski klimat czy pyszne jedzeniejest najwiekszą wartością tej wyspy.Największym skarbem tej wyspy są ludzie których tu spotkaliśmy tacy jak Natalia Tsiro Rouva!

Z wielkim szacunkiem,
Anita & Ryszard

Joo Yeon Lee

During our second visit to Corfu, we decided to buy a family vacation home in Corfu. Corfu is a rather large island and we had been only two locations at north east, and we desperately needed a good advice from competent real estate agents. It was our luck to come across Roula Tziliou and Vasso Zarra. They knew which properties would suit our wishes and budget better than ourselves. We first did nott even consider their suggestions very seriously, but we felt in love with our vacation home at once. The entire purchase process was very quick (as necessary since we had to go back home the next day) and also water tight with a very reliable jurist, with whom an appointment could be made in the evening at the same day.

Roula and Vasso, thank you very much for your help with our second home in Corfu. We are really looking forward to going back this summer and having amazing summer in our home in Corfu!

Thank you, Roula ;-)!

René Gimeno

Taken by Corfu passion we planned to live half of the year in this wonderful place.

The purchase of a house that seemed impossible was possible thanks to Roula Rouva Real Estate Agency which without a doubt is the company adapted for foreigners in search of a small corner of happiness.

The representative of the North, Mr. Andy Marshall, was for us a guide from the beginning of the procedure to the end, the official contract. His presence at our side was very precious, not only during the visits but also in the administrative procedures, and the search for companies to do the necessary work.

His availability allowed us to follow the work at a distance and finally to discover a house in accordance with our wishes. Andy Marshall has become a friend and his presence after the end of his mission is always precious.

Congratulations to Roula Rouva Real Estate Agency for everything and to have among its collaborators quality agents like Andy Marshall.

René Gimeno


Having set my sights on buying real estate in the lovely island of Corfu some years ago, and after a couple of hit-and-miss opportunities, I got acquainted with Roula Rouva, and was able to close a deal within weeks after our first point of contact.

The team has proven to be professional, solution-oriented and courteous throughout, making the purchase process a walk in the park, which was most welcome considering I live and work in a different part of the world.

It has been a pleasure working with Roula Rouva and I can warmly recommend the team to any aspiring Greek property investors.

Many thanks,

Denis Soloviev

It is highly likely that for those who is looking for a second home on Corfu RR Real Estate Agency provides the best selection of properties. Being local business they are well connected and support your purchase in the best way. Most important for us who researched the market and were dealing with most of the Retail agencies was friendly support of our search of our second home.

The process was long and they did their best for it resulted in the deal which made us happy. I would like to express our appreciation to them as proffessionals and good people who became our first and good friends. Wish them all the succsess in what they are doing.

Thank you Roula Tziliou
Denis Soloviev
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